Tidy with Sarah

Welcome to Tidy with Sarah, the in-home service to help support you in creating a home that’s decluttered, organised & filled with things that make you happy. 

By following the KonMari Method, I’ll help you create a home that sparks joy. The method is based on deciding if each item you own makes you happy in some way, or not. You’ll keep the ones that do, and discard with thanks the ones that don’t.

Having me to guide you through the process helps with situations where you become stuck or lose focus. It means you’ll keep up the momentum and see a more impressive result more quickly. 

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About Sarah

I’ve been a fan of tidying since I was a toddler, when I used to love putting boxes and books into size order. After decades of honing my tidying skills, I discovered The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo - the method described in the book truly did have a profound impact on my life.

What started as simply contemplating which of my socks brought me joy, slowly became more in-depth assessment of more substantial aspects of my life, like my career. I discovered that true joy for me came from helping others to achieve their potential. As a result I’m now a fitness instructor and a certified KonMari consultant - helping clients understand and explore what really brings them happiness and helping them to achieve their goals in both the home and body.